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    Health and Safety Handbook

    Coming Soon

    Parent-Student Handbook

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    The School recognizes that as technology has changed more pupils have access to personal devices and Internet capable devices. These should be seen as a resource and provide an opportunity to enable quick and easy access to content to enhance learning. Devices in the form of laptops, tablets, eReaders, Kindles, etc with appropriate guidance should no longer be looked on as distractions or contraband. When they are used in classrooms to aid learning, and the teacher see’s it as suitable they can be as valuable as a book.

    The school owns laptops and tablets (e.g. iPads) that are available for the children to use, however, we recognize that on occasions it is more beneficial for children to bring their own devices into school (BYOD). The school is also aware that as they grow older children will have greater and greater access to electronic devices and feel it is partly our responsibility to help them learn how to use their devices responsibly.

    Only with collaboration with parents can we work to educate our children. Therefore, the school would like your agreement that your child may bring their own device into school for certain activities and only for education purpose

    We consider that access to the Changsha WES Academy wireless network is a privilege, not a right. Access will be removed if it is abused.

    The following policy statements should be read and agreed:

    1. The student is responsible for keeping their device in their possession or properly securing it, at all times.? Changsha WES Academy (International Section or Bilingual Section) and it’s personnel?cannot take responsibility for the security or condition of a student’s personal device. Which could include theft/damage/loss or anything that could happen to the device physically or on a software level.
    2. The student/parent?is responsible for the proper care of personal technology devices, including all maintenance and repair, replacement or modifications, and software updates necessary to effectively use the device.
    3. The student’s laptop has an up to date version of Microsoft Office Suite loaded onto it before it enters the classroom.
    4. It is the parent/student’s responsibility to ensure that the device has the appropriate software to protect against attack e.g. antivirus / malware and that devices are not brought into school if they have virus’/ malware etc.
    5. The responsibility for the device remains with the user and is used with the parent’s consent.
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