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    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    Applications FAQ

    If you are submitting your application online, you can pay the Registration Fee online using a debit card. Applications can only be processed once the Registration Fee has been paid.

    Yes. We’ll create a file for each student.

    Please read carefully the last page of the Application Form and submit the necessary documents.

    Welcome to call us at 0731-82758900 or contact us via Wechat 18975804680.

    The assessment team will discuss and make a decision based on the child’s assessment results (including interview and paper tests), and his/her academic reports from previous school (if applicable).

    Within 5 work days as of the entry assessment, the admission office will inform the parents by phone call if the child is accepted or denied.

    If accepted, parents will receive an email attaching an acceptance letter.

    Yes, please. As indicated in the acceptance letter, parents are required to confirm via email the acceptance of their child’s placement and starting date.

    Ask a Question

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