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    Mission & Vision

    Our International-minded Statement

    By being open-minded, the CWA community aspires to bring the world together as one through love, fairness and respect for different cultures.

    Our Vision

    CWA students will become?internationally minded, life-long learners

    Our Logo

    Our logo represents a precious pearl in caring hands: We love and care for our students
    The logo also uses the letters W, E & S along with the dotted ‘i’ for international?

    Our Mission

    We will achieve our Vision by:
    Using an integrated, inquiry-based approach to learning providing opportunities for students to grow beyond their own culture by studying in English, learning about Chinese and other cultures, and promoting mother-tongue languages.

    We shall also achieve it by :

    • Nurturing reflective individuals who are responsible, curious and respectful.
    • Develop individual strengths and interests.
    • Instilling a spirit of innovation, experimentation and collaboration.
    • Challenging students to be compassionate, with the courage to act upon their beliefs.
    • Encouraging a balanced approach to life.
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